slight — незначительный



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n ru The act of slighting; a deliberate act of neglect or discourtesy.
n ru Sleight.
v ru To treat as unimportant or not worthy of attention; to make light of.
Other definitions (13)
v ru To give lesser weight or importance to.
v ru To treat with disdain or neglect, usually out of prejudice, hatred, or jealousy; to ignore disrespectfully.
v ru To act negligently or carelessly.
v ru (of a fortification) To render no longer defensible by full or partial demolition.
v ru To make even or level.
v ru To throw heedlessly.
adj ru Small
adj ru Of slender build
a slight but graceful woman
adj ru Even, smooth or level
A slight stone
adj ru (especially said of the swa) still; with little or no movement on the surface
The sea was slight and calm
adj ru Foolish; silly; not intellectual.
adj ru Bad, of poor quality.
adj ru Slighting; treating with disdain.

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