slave — раб

работать как раб


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n ru A person who is held in servitude as the property of another person, and whose labor (and often also whose body and life) is subject to the owner's volition and control.
n ru A drudge; one who labors or is obliged (e.g. by prior contract) to labor like a slave with limited rights, e.g. an indentured servant.
n ru An abject person.
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n ru One who has no power of resistance (to something), one who surrenders to or is under the domination (of something).
a slave to passion, to strong drink, or to ambition
n ru (BDSM) A submissive partner in a BDSM relationship who (consensually) submits to (sexually and/or personally) serving one or more masters or mistresses.
n ru A sex slave, a person who is forced against their will to perform, for another person or group, sexual acts on a regular or continuing basis.
n ru A device (such as a secondary flash or hard drive) that is subject to the control of another (a master).
v ru To work as a slaver, to enslave people.
v ru To work hard.
I was slaving all day over a hot stove.
v ru To place a device under the control of another.
to slave a hard disk

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