single — единый

билет в один конец


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n ru A 45 RPM vinyl record with one song on side A and one on side B.
n ru A popular song released and sold (on any format) nominally on its own though usually having at least one extra track.
The Offspring released four singles from their most recent album.
n ru One who is not married or does not have a romantic partner.
He went to the party, hoping to meet some friendly singles there.
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n ru A score of one run.
n ru A hit in baseball where the batter advances to first base.
n ru A tile that has a different value (i.e. number of pips) at each end.
n ru A bill valued at $1.
I don't have any singles, so you'll have to make change.
n ru A one-way ticket.
n ru A score of one point, awarded when a kicked ball is dead within the non-kicking team's end zone or has exited that end zone. Officially known in the rules as a rouge.
n ru (chiefly in the plural) A game with one player on each side, as in tennis.
n ru One of the reeled filaments of silk, twisted without doubling to give them firmness.
n ru A handful of gleaned grain.
n ru A floating-point number having half the precision of a double-precision value.
v ru To identify or select one member of a group from the others; generally used with out, either to single out or to single (something) out.
Eddie singled out his favorite marble from the bag.
Yvonne always wondered why Ernest had singled her out of the group of giggling girls she hung around with.
v ru To get a hit that advances the batter exactly one base.
Pedro singled in the bottom of the eighth inning, which, if converted to a run, would put the team back into contention.
v ru To thin out.
v ru (of a horse) To take the irregular gait called singlefoot.
v ru To sequester; to withdraw; to retire.
v ru To take alone, or one by one.
adj ru Not accompanied by anything else; one in number.
Can you give me a single reason not to leave right now?
The vase contained a single long-stemmed rose.
adj ru Not divided in parts.
The potatoes left the spoon and landed in a single big lump on the plate.
adj ru Designed for the use of only one.
a single room
adj ru Performed by one person, or one on each side.
a single combat
adj ru Not married or (in modern times) not involved in a romantic relationship without being married or not dating anyone exclusively.
Forms often ask if a person is single, married, divorced or widowed. In this context, a person who is dating someone but who has never married puts "single".
Josh put down that he was a single male on the dating website.
adj ru Having only one rank or row of petals.
adj ru Simple and honest; sincere, without deceit.
adj ru Uncompounded; pure; unmixed.
adj ru Simple; foolish; weak; silly.

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