simple — простой

простой человек


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n ru A herbal preparation made from one plant, as opposed to something made from more than one plant.
n ru (by extension) A physician.
n ru A simple or atomic proposition.
Еще значения (13)
n ru Something not mixed or compounded.
n ru A drawloom.
n ru Part of the apparatus for raising the heddles of a drawloom.
n ru A feast which is not a double or a semidouble.
v ru To gather simples, i.e. medicinal herbs.
adj ru Uncomplicated; taken by itself, with nothing added.
adj ru Without ornamentation; plain.
adj ru Free from duplicity; guileless, innocent, straightforward.
adj ru Undistinguished in social condition; of no special rank.
adj ru Trivial; insignificant.
adj ru Feeble-minded; foolish.
adj ru (heading) Structurally uncomplicated.
adj ru Mere; not other than; being only.

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