side — сторона



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n ru A bounding straight edge of a two-dimensional shape.
A square has four sides.
n ru A flat surface of a three-dimensional object; a face.
A cube has six sides.
n ru One half (left or right, top or bottom, front or back, etc.) of something or someone.
Which side of the tray shall I put it on?  The patient was bleeding on the right side.
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n ru A region in a specified position with respect to something.
Meet me on the north side of the monument.
n ru The portion of the human torso usually covered by the arms when they are not raised; the areas on the left and right between the belly or chest and the back.
I generally sleep on my side.
n ru One surface of a sheet of paper (used instead of "page", which can mean one or both surfaces.)
John wrote 15 sides for his essay!
n ru One possible aspect of a concept, person or thing.
Look on the bright side.
n ru One set of competitors in a game.
Which side has kick-off?
n ru A sports team.
n ru A group having a particular allegiance in a conflict or competition.
In the second world war, the Italians were on the side of the Germans.
n ru A recorded piece of music; a record, especially in jazz.
n ru Sidespin; english
He had to put a bit of side on to hit the pink ball.
n ru A television channel, usually as opposed to the one currently being watched (from when there were only two channels).
I just want to see what's on the other side — James said there was a good film on tonight.
n ru A dish that accompanies the main course; a side dish.
Do you want a side of cole-slaw with that?
n ru A line of descent traced through one parent as distinguished from that traced through another.
his mother's side of the family
n ru The batters faced in an inning by a particular pitcher
Clayton Kershaw struck out the side in the 6th inning.
n ru An unjustified air of self-importance.
n ru A written monologue or part of a scene to be read by an actor at an audition.
n ru A man who prefers not to engage in anal sex during homosexual intercourse.
My boyfriend and I are both sides, so we prefer to do oral on each other.
v ru To ally oneself, be in an alliance, usually with "with" or rarely "in with"
Which will you side with, good or evil?
v ru To lean on one side.
v ru To be or stand at the side of; to be on the side toward.
v ru To suit; to pair; to match.
v ru To work (a timber or rib) to a certain thickness by trimming the sides.
v ru To furnish with a siding.
to side a house
v ru To provide with, as a side or accompaniment.
adj ru Being on the left or right, or toward the left or right; lateral.
adj ru Indirect; oblique; incidental.
a side issue; a side view or remark
v ru To clear, tidy or sort.
adj ru Wide; large; long, pendulous, hanging low, trailing; far-reaching.
adj ru Far; distant.
adv ru Widely; wide; far.

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