shout — крик

громкий крик


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n ru A loud burst of voice or voices; a violent and sudden outcry, especially that of a multitude expressing joy, triumph, exultation, anger, or animated courage.
n ru A round of drinks in a pub; the turn to pay the shot or scot; an act of paying for a round of drinks.
n ru A call-out for an emergency services team.
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n ru A greeting, name-check or other mention, for example on a radio or TV programme.
Next up the new single from Beyoncé, but first a shout to Barry Bloggins and his wife Belinda...
v ru To utter a sudden and loud cry, as in joy, triumph, exultation or anger, or to attract attention, to animate others, etc.
v ru To utter with a shout; to cry; to shout out
They shouted his name to get his attention.
v ru To pay for food, drink or entertainment for others.
He′s shouting us all to the opening night of the play.
I′ll shout you all a drink.
v ru To post a text message (for example, email) in upper case, regarded as the electronic messaging equivalent of oral shouting.
Please don't shout in the chat room.
v ru To treat with shouts or clamor.
n ru A light flat-bottomed boat used in duck-shooting.

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