shoulder — плечо



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n ru The part of an animal's body between the base of the neck and forearm socket.
n ru Anything forming a shape resembling a human shoulder.
n ru (topography) A shelf between two levels.
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n ru The flat portion of type that is below the bevelled portion that joins up with the face.
n ru (of an object) The portion between the neck and the body.
n ru That which supports or sustains; support.
n ru The part of a key between the cuts and the bow.
v ru To push (a person or thing) using one's shoulder.
v ru To put (something) on one's shoulders.
v ru To place (something) against one's shoulders.
v ru To bear a burden, as a financial obligation.
v ru To accept responsibility for.
shoulder the blame
v ru To form a shape resembling a shoulder.
v ru To move by or as if by using one's shoulders.
v ru To round and slightly raise the top edges of slate shingles so that they form a tighter fit at the lower edge and can be swung aside to expose the nail.
v ru To slope downwards from the crest and whitewater portion of a wave.

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