shop — магазин

делать покупки


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n ru An establishment that sells goods or services to the public; originally only a physical location, but now a virtual establishment as well.
n ru A place where things are manufactured or crafted; a workshop.
n ru A large garage where vehicle mechanics work.
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n ru Workplace; office. Used mainly in expressions such as shop talk, closed shop and shop floor.
n ru A variety of classes taught in junior or senior high school that teach vocational skill.
n ru An establishment where a barber or beautician works.
n ru An act of shopping, especially routine shopping for food and other domestic supplies.
This is where I do my weekly shop.
n ru Discussion of business or professional affairs.
v ru To visit stores or shops to browse or explore merchandise, especially with the intention of buying such merchandise.
He’s shopping for clothes.
I went shopping early before the Christmas rush.
v ru To purchase products from (a range or catalogue, etc.).
Shop our new arrivals.
v ru To report the criminal activities or whereabouts of someone to an authority.
He shopped his mates in to the police.
v ru To imprison.
v ru To photoshop; to digitally edit a picture or photograph.
inter ru Used to attract the services of a shop assistant

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