shook — трястись



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n ru A set of pieces for making a cask or box, usually wood.
n ru The parts of a piece of house furniture, as a bedstead, packed together.
v ru To pack (staves, etc.) in a shook.
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v ru To cause (something) to move rapidly in opposite directions alternatingly.
He shook the can of soda for thirty seconds before delivering it to me, so that, when I popped it open, soda went everywhere.
The earthquake shook the building.
v ru To move (one's head) from side to side, especially to indicate refusal, reluctance or disapproval.
Shaking his head, he kept repeating "No, no, no".
v ru To move or remove by agitating; to throw off by a jolting or vibrating motion.
to shake fruit down from a tree
v ru To disturb emotionally; to shock.
He was shaken by what had happened.
Her father's death shook her terribly.
v ru To lose, evade, or get rid of (something).
I can't shake the feeling that I forgot something.
v ru To move from side to side.
She shook with grief.
v ru (usually as "shake on") To shake hands.
OK, let's shake on it.
v ru To dance.
She was shaking it on the dance floor.
v ru To give a tremulous tone to; to trill.
to shake a note in music
v ru To threaten to overthrow.
The experience shook my religious belief.
v ru To be agitated; to lose firmness.
adj ru Shaken up; rattled; shocked or surprised.

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