shock — ударный



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n ru A sudden, heavy impact.
The train hit the buffers with a great shock.
n ru A discontinuity arising in the solution of a partial differential equation.
v ru To cause to be emotionally shocked, to cause (someone) to feel surprised and upset.
The disaster shocked the world.
Еще значения (7)
v ru To give an electric shock to.
v ru To meet with a shock; to collide in a violent encounter.
n ru An arrangement of sheaves for drying; a stook.
n ru A lot consisting of sixty pieces; a term applied in some Baltic ports to loose goods.
n ru (by extension) A tuft or bunch of something, such as hair or grass.
His head boasted a shock of sandy hair.
n ru A small dog with long shaggy hair, especially a poodle or spitz; a shaggy lapdog.
v ru To collect, or make up, into a shock or shocks; to stook.
to shock rye

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