settle — скамья



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v ru To conclude or resolve (something):
v ru To place or arrange in(to) a desired (especially: calm) state, or make final disposition of (something).
to settle her estate
to settle my affairs
v ru To become calm, quiet, or orderly; to stop being agitated.
the weather settled;  wait until the crowd settles before speaking
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v ru To establish or become established in a steady position:
v ru To fix one's residence in a place; to establish a dwelling place, home, or colony. (Compare settle down.)
the Saxons who settled in Britain
v ru To move (people) to (a land or territory), so as to colonize it; to cause (people) to take residence in (a place).
v ru To sink, or cause (something, or impurities within it) to sink down, especially so as to become clear or compact.
v ru To make a jointure for a spouse.
v ru (of an animal) To make or become pregnant.
n ru A seat of any kind.
n ru A long bench with a high back and arms, often with chest or storage space underneath.
n ru A place made lower than the rest; a wide step or platform lower than some other part. (Compare a depression.)

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