series — серия



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n ru A number of things that follow on one after the other or are connected one after the other.
A series of seemingly inconsequential events led cumulatively to the fall of the company.
n ru A television or radio program which consists of several episodes that are broadcast in regular intervals
“Friends” was one of the most successful television series in recent years.
n ru The sequence of partial sums \sum_{i=1}^n{a_i} of a given sequence ai.
The harmonic series has been much studied.
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n ru A group of matches between two sides, with the aim being to win more matches than the opposition.
The Blue Jays are playing the Yankees in a four-game series.
n ru An unranked taxon.
n ru A subdivision of a genus, a taxonomic rank below that of section (and subsection) but above that of species.
n ru A parcel of rough diamonds of assorted qualities.
n ru A set of consonants that share a particular phonetic or phonological feature.
adj ru Connected one after the other in a circuit.
You have to connect the lights in series for them to work properly.

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