sequence — последовательность

порядок следования


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n ru A set of things next to each other in a set order; a series
n ru The state of being sequent or following; order of succession.
Complete the listed tasks in sequence.
n ru A series of musical phrases where a theme or melody is repeated, with some change each time, such as in pitch or length (example: opening of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony).
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n ru A musical composition used in some Catholic Masses between the readings. The most famous sequence is the Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) formerly used in funeral services.
n ru An ordered list of objects, typically indexed with natural numbers.
n ru A subsequent event; a consequence or result.
n ru A series of shots that depict a single action or style in a film, television show etc.
n ru A meld consisting of three or more cards of successive ranks in the same suit, such as the four, five and six of hearts.
v ru To arrange in an order
v ru To determine the order of things, especially of amino acids in a protein, or of bases in a nucleic acid
v ru To produce (music) with a sequencer

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