separate — отдельный

отдельный оттиск


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n ru (usually in the plural) Anything that is sold by itself, especially an article of clothing.
v ru To divide (a thing) into separate parts.
Separate the articles from the headings.
v ru To disunite from a group or mass; to disconnect.
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v ru To cause (things or people) to be separate.
If the kids get too noisy, separate them for a few minutes.
v ru To divide itself into separate pieces or substances.
The sauce will separate if you don't keep stirring.
v ru To set apart; to select from among others, as for a special use or service.
adj ru Apart from (the rest); not connected to or attached to (anything else).
This chair can be disassembled into five separate pieces.
adj ru (followed by “from”) Not together (with); not united (to).
I try to keep my personal life separate from work.

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