seize — воспользоваться



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v ru To deliberately take hold of; to grab or capture.
v ru To take advantage of (an opportunity or circumstance).
v ru To take possession of (by force, law etc.).
to seize a ship after libeling
to seize smuggled goods
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v ru To have a sudden and powerful effect upon.
a fever seized him
a panic seized the crowd
v ru To bind, lash or make fast, with several turns of small rope, cord, or small line.
to seize or stop one rope on to another
to seize two fish-hooks back to back
v ru To fasten, fix.
v ru To lay hold in seizure, by hands or claws (+ on or upon).
to seize on the neck of a horse
v ru To have a seizure.
v ru To bind or lock in position immovably; see also seize up.
Rust caused the engine to seize, never to run again.
v ru To submit for consideration to a deliberative body.
v ru (with of) To cause (an action or matter) to be or remain before (a certain judge or court).
This Court will remain seized of this matter.

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