season — сезонный

время года


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n ru Each of the four divisions of a year: spring, summer, autumn (fall) and winter
n ru A part of a year when something particular happens
mating season
the football season
the rainy season
n ru That which gives relish; seasoning.
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n ru The period over which a series of Test matches are played.
n ru A group of episodes of a television or radio program broadcast in regular intervals with a long break between each group, usually with one year between the beginning of each.
The third season of Friends aired from 1996 to 1997.
n ru An extended, undefined period of time.
n ru The full set of downloadable content for a game, which can be purchased with a season pass.
n ru A fixed period of time in a massively multiplayer online game in which new content (themes, rules, modes, etc.) becomes available, sometimes replacing earlier content.
v ru To make fit for any use by time or habit; to habituate; to accustom; to inure.
to season oneself to a climate
v ru (by extension) To prepare by drying or hardening, or removal of natural juices.
The timber needs to be seasoned.
v ru To become mature; to grow fit for use; to become adapted to a climate.
v ru To become dry and hard, by the escape of the natural juices, or by being penetrated with other substance.
The wood has seasoned in the sun.
v ru To mingle: to moderate, temper, or qualify by admixture.
v ru To copulate with; to impregnate.
v ru To flavour food with spices, herbs or salt.

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