screen — экран



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n ru A physical divider intended to block an area from view, or provide shelter from something dangerous.
a fire screen
n ru A material woven from fine wires intended to block animals or large particles from passing while allowing gasses, liquids and finer particles to pass.
n ru (by analogy) Searching through a sample for a target; an act of screening
a drug screen, a genetic screen
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n ru Various forms or formats of information display
n ru Definitions related to standing in the path of an opposing player
n ru An erection of white canvas or wood placed on the boundary opposite a batsman to make the ball more easily visible.
n ru A collection of less-valuable vessels that travel with a more valuable one for the latter's protection.
n ru A dwarf wall or partition carried up to a certain height for separation and protection, as in a church, to separate the aisle from the choir, etc.
n ru A large scarf.
v ru To filter by passing through a screen.
Mary screened the beans to remove the clumps of gravel.
v ru To shelter or conceal.
v ru To remove information, or censor intellectual material from viewing.
The news report was screened because it accused the politician of wrongdoing.
v ru To present publicly (on the screen).
The news report will be screened at 11:00 tonight.
v ru To fit with a screen.
We need to screen this porch. These bugs are driving me crazy.
v ru To examine patients or treat a sample in order to detect a chemical or a disease, or to assess susceptibility to a disease.
v ru To search chemical libraries by means of a computational technique in order to identify chemical compounds which would potentially bind to a given biological target such as a protein.
v ru To stand so as to block a defender from reaching a teammate.
v ru To determine the source or subject matter of a call before deciding whether to answer the phone.

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