score — счет

количество очков
вести счет


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n ru The total number of goals, points, runs, etc. earned by a participant in a game.
The player with the highest score is the winner.
n ru The number of points accrued by each of the participants in a game, expressed as a ratio or a series of numbers.
The score is 8-1 even though it's not even half-time!
n ru The performance of an individual or group on an examination or test, expressed by a number, letter, or other symbol; a grade.
The test scores for this class were high.
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n ru Twenty, 20 (number).
Some words have scores of meanings.
n ru A distance of twenty yards, in ancient archery and gunnery.
n ru A weight of twenty pounds.
n ru The written form of a musical composition showing all instrumental and vocal parts below each other.
n ru The music of a movie or play.
n ru Subject.
n ru Account; reason; motive; sake; behalf.
n ru A notch or incision; especially, one that is made as a tally mark; hence, a mark, or line, made for the purpose of account.
n ru An account or reckoning; account of dues; bill; debt.
n ru A criminal act, especially:
n ru A sexual conquest.
v ru To cut a notch or a groove in a surface.
The baker scored the cake so that the servers would know where to slice it.
v ru To record the tally of points for a game, a match, or an examination.
v ru To obtain something desired.
v ru To provide (a film, etc.) with a musical score.
inter ru Acknowledgement of success

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