saving — экономия



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v ru To prevent harm or difficulty.
v ru To put aside, to avoid.
n ru A reduction in cost or expenditure.
The shift of the supplier gave us a saving of 10 percent.
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n ru (usually in the plural) Something (usually money) that is saved, particularly money that has been set aside for the future.
I invested all my savings in gold.
The collapse of Enron wiped out the life savings of many people, leaving them poor in their retirement.
n ru The action of the verb to save.
n ru Exception; reservation
adj ru That saves someone from damnation; redemptive.
adj ru Preserving; rescuing.
adj ru Thrifty; frugal.
a saving cook
adj ru Bringing back in returns or in receipts the sum expended; incurring no loss, though not gainful.
The ship has made a saving voyage.
a saving bargain
adj ru Making reservation or exception.
a saving clause
adj ru (in compound adjectives) relating to making a saving: e.g. labour-saving, energy-saving light bulbs.
prep ru With the exception of; except; save.
prep ru Without disrespect to.

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