save — экономить

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n ru In various sports, a block that prevents an opponent from scoring.
The goaltender made a great save.
n ru When a relief pitcher comes into a game leading by 3 points (runs) or less, and his team wins while continually being ahead.
Jones retired seven to earn the save.
n ru A point in a professional wrestling match when one or more wrestlers run to the ring to aid a fellow wrestler who is being beaten.
The giant wrestler continued to beat down his smaller opponent, until several wrestlers ran in for the save.
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n ru The act, process, or result of saving data to a storage medium.
If you're hit by a power cut, you'll lose all of your changes since your last save.
The game console can store up to eight saves on a single cartridge.
n ru A saving throw.
v ru To prevent harm or difficulty.
v ru To put aside, to avoid.
prep ru Except; with the exception of.
conj ru Unless; except

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