rule — правило



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n ru A regulation, law, guideline.
All participants must adhere to the rules.
n ru A ruler; device for measuring, a straightedge, a measure.
n ru A straight line (continuous mark, as made by a pen or the like), especially one lying across a paper as a guide for writing.
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n ru A regulating principle.
n ru The act of ruling; administration of law; government; empire; authority; control.
n ru A normal condition or state of affairs.
As a rule, our senior editors are serious-minded.
My rule is to rise at six o'clock.
n ru Conduct; behaviour.
n ru An order regulating the practice of the courts, or an order made between parties to an action or a suit.
n ru A determinate method prescribed for performing any operation and producing a certain result.
a rule for extracting the cube root
n ru A thin plate of brass or other metal, of the same height as the type, and used for printing lines, as between columns on the same page, or in tabular work.
v ru To regulate, be in charge of, make decisions for, reign over.
v ru To excel.
This game rules!
v ru To mark (paper or the like) with rules (lines).
v ru To decide judicially.
v ru To establish or settle by, or as by, a rule; to fix by universal or general consent, or by common practice.
n ru Revelry.
v ru To revel.

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