route — маршрут



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n ru A course or way which is traveled or passed.
The route was used so much that it formed a rut.
You need to find a route that you can take between these two obstacles.
n ru A regular itinerary of stops, or the path followed between these stops, such as for delivery or passenger transportation.
Here is a map of our delivery routes.
We live near the bus route.
n ru A road or path; often specifically a highway.
Follow Route 49 out of town.
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n ru One of multiple methods or approaches to doing something.
n ru One of the major provinces of imperial China from the Later Jin to the Song, corresponding to the Tang and early Yuan circuits.
n ru A specific entry in a router that tells the router how to transmit the data it receives.
v ru To direct or divert along a particular course.
All incoming mail was routed through a single office.
v ru To connect two local area networks, thereby forming an internet.
v ru To send (information) through a router.
v ru To grow roots; to enter the earth, as roots; to take root and begin to grow.
The cuttings are starting to root.
v ru To prepare, oversee, or otherwise cause the rooting of cuttings
We rooted some cuttings last summer.
v ru To be firmly fixed; to be established.
v ru To get root or priviledged access on a computer system or mobile phone, often through bypassing some security mechanism.
I want to root my Android phone so I can remove the preinstalled crapware.
We rooted his box and planted a virus on it.
v ru To turn up or dig with the snout.
A pig roots the earth for truffles.
v ru (by extension) To seek favour or advancement by low arts or grovelling servility; to fawn.
v ru To rummage; to search as if by digging in soil.
rooting about in a junk-filled drawer
v ru To root out; to abolish.
v ru To have sexual intercourse.
v ru (with "for" or "on") To cheer (on); to show support (for) and hope for the success of. (See root for.)
I'm rooting for you, don't let me down!

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