rise — рост



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v ru To move, or appear to move, physically upwards relative to the ground.
v ru To increase in value or standing.
v ru To begin; to develop.
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v ru To go up; to ascend; to climb.
to rise a hill
v ru To cause to go up or ascend.
to rise a fish, or cause it to come to the surface of the water
to rise a ship, or bring it above the horizon by approaching it
v ru To retire; to give up a siege.
v ru To come; to offer itself.
v ru To be lifted, or capable of being lifted, from the imposing stone without dropping any of the type; said of a form.
n ru The process of or an action or instance of moving upwards or becoming greater.
Exercise is usually accompanied by a temporary rise in blood pressure.
The rise of the tide.
There was a rise of nearly two degrees since yesterday.
n ru The process of or an action or instance of coming to prominence.
The rise of the feminists.
The rise of the printing press.
The rise of the working class.
n ru An increase (in a quantity, price, etc).
n ru The amount of material extending from waist to crotch in a pair of trousers or shorts.
The rise of his pants was so low that his tailbone was exposed.
n ru An increase in someone's pay rate; a raise (US).
The governor just gave me a rise of two pound six.
n ru A small hill; used chiefly in place names.
n ru An area of terrain that tends upward away from the viewer, such that it conceals the region behind it; a slope.
n ru An angry reaction.
I knew that would get a rise out of him.
n ru (now chiefly) A twig or stick.
n ru A bobbin or spool.

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