ring — кольцо



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n ru (physical) A solid object in the shape of a circle.
n ru (physical) A group of objects arranged in a circle.
n ru A piece of food in the shape of a ring.
onion rings
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n ru A place where some sports or exhibitions take place; notably a circular or comparable arena, such as a boxing ring or a circus ring; hence the field of a political contest.
n ru An exclusive group of people, usually involving some unethical or illegal practices.
a crime ring; a prostitution ring; a bidding ring
n ru A group of atoms linked by bonds to form a closed chain in a molecule.
a benzene ring
n ru A planar geometrical figure included between two concentric circles.
n ru A diacritical mark in the shape of a hollow circle placed above or under the letter; a kroužek.
n ru An old English measure of corn equal to the coomb or half a quarter.
n ru A hierarchical level of privilege in a computer system, usually at hardware level, used to protect data and functionality (also protection ring).
n ru Either of the pair of clamps used to hold a telescopic sight to a rifle.
n ru The twenty-fifth Lenormand card.
v ru To enclose or surround.
The inner city was ringed with dingy industrial areas.
v ru To make an incision around; to girdle.
They ringed the trees to make the clearing easier next year.
v ru To attach a ring to, especially for identification.
We managed to ring 22 birds this morning.
v ru To surround or fit with a ring, or as if with a ring.
to ring a pig’s snout
v ru To rise in the air spirally.
v ru To steal and change the identity of (cars) in order to resell them.
n ru The resonant sound of a bell, or a sound resembling it.
The church bell's ring could be heard the length of the valley.
The ring of hammer on anvil filled the air.
n ru A pleasant or correct sound.
The name has a nice ring to it.
n ru A sound or appearance that is characteristic of something.
Her statements in court had a ring of falsehood.
n ru A telephone call.
I’ll give you a ring when the plane lands.
n ru Any loud sound; the sound of numerous voices; a sound continued, repeated, or reverberated.
n ru A chime, or set of bells harmonically tuned.
St Mary's has a ring of eight bells.
v ru Of a bell, etc., to produce a resonant sound.
The bells were ringing in the town.
v ru To make (a bell, etc.) produce a resonant sound.
The deliveryman rang the doorbell to drop off a parcel.
v ru To produce (a sound) by ringing.
They rang a Christmas carol on their handbells.
v ru To produce the sound of a bell or a similar sound.
Whose mobile phone is ringing?
v ru Of something spoken or written, to appear to be, to seem, to sound.
That does not ring true.
v ru To telephone (someone).
I will ring you when we arrive.
v ru To resound, reverberate, echo.
v ru To produce music with bells.
v ru To repeat often, loudly, or earnestly.
n ru An algebraic structure which consists of a set with two binary operations: an additive operation and a multiplicative operation, such that the set is an abelian group under the additive operation, a monoid under the multiplicative operation, and such that the multiplicative operation is distributive with respect to the additive operation.
The set of integers, \mathbb{Z}, is the prototypical ring.
n ru An algebraic structure as above, but only required to be a semigroup under the multiplicative operation, that is, there need not be a multiplicative identity element.
The definition of ring without unity allows, for instance, the set 2\mathbb{Z} of even integers to be a ring.

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