restore — восстанавливать



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n ru The act of recovering data or a system from a backup.
We backed up the data successfully, but the restore failed.
v ru To reestablish, or bring back into existence.
He restored my lost faith in him by doing a good deed.
to restore harmony among those who are at variance
v ru To bring back to good condition from a state of decay or ruin.
Еще значения (5)
v ru To give or bring back (that which has been lost or taken); to bring back to the owner; to replace.
v ru To give in place of, or as restitution for.
v ru To recover (data, etc.) from a backup.
There was a crash last night, and we're still restoring the file system.
v ru To bring (a note) back to its original signification.
v ru To make good; to make amends for.

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