responsible — ответственный

несущий ответственность


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n ru The individual who bears the responsibility for something.
n ru An actor taking on the lesser roles in repertory theatre.
adj ru (followed by "for") Having the duty of taking care of something; answerable for an act performed or for its consequences; accountable; amenable, especially legally or politically.
Parents are responsible for their child's behaviour.
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adj ru (followed by "for") Being a primary cause of a situation or action and thus able to be blamed or credited for it.
Who is responsible for this mess?
adj ru (followed by "to") Answerable to (a superior).
adj ru (of a job or position) Involving important duties; involving a degree of personal accountability on the part of the person concerned.
She has a responsible position in the firm.
adj ru Having good judgment in decision-making.
adj ru Able to be trusted; reliable; trustworthy.
He looks like a responsible guy.
adj ru Capable of rational conduct and thus morally accountable for one's behavior.

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