representation — представление



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n ru That which represents something else.
The Venus of Willendorf was an early representation of the female body.
n ru The act of representing.
We are no longer happy with your representation of our company at trade events.
n ru The lawyers and staff who argue on behalf of another in court.
People who cannot afford representation are eligible for government assistance.
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n ru The ability to elect a representative to speak on one's behalf in government; the role of this representative in government.
The lack of representation in the British parliament was one of the main factors behind the American Revolution.
n ru An object that describes an abstract group in terms of linear transformations of vector spaces; (more formally) a homomorphism from a group on a vector space to the general linear group (group of all bijective linear transformations) on the space.
n ru A figure, image or idea that substitutes reality.
n ru A theatrical performance.

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