remote — удаленный

запасная лошадь


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n ru An element of broadcast programming originating away from the station's or show's control room.
v ru To connect to a computer from a remote location.
adj ru At a distance; disconnected.
A remote operator may control the vehicle with a wireless handset.
remote workers
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adj ru Distant or otherwise inaccessible.
After his fall from the emperor's favor, the general was posted to a remote outpost.
adj ru (especially with respect to likelihood) Slight.
There was only a remote possibility that we would be rescued as we were far outside of the regular shipping lanes.
They have a very remote chance of winning.
You have a remote resemblance to my grandmother.
adj ru Emotionally detached.
After her mother's death, my friend grew remote for a time while she dealt with her grief.
n ru A device used to operate an appliance (such as a television), vehicle or mechanical toy from a short distance away.
n ru A means of doing something from a distance.
The bomb was detonated by remote control.

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