register — регистр



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n ru A machine that tabulates the amount of sales transactions, makes a permanent and cumulative record of them, and has a drawer in which cash can be kept.
n ru A point of sale.
n ru A formal recording of names, events, transactions etc.
The teacher took the register by calling out each child's name.
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n ru A book of such entries.
n ru An entry in such a book.
n ru The act of registering.
n ru A certificate issued by the collector of customs of a port or district to the owner of a vessel, containing the description of a vessel, its name, ownership, and other material facts. It is kept on board the vessel, to be used as evidence of nationality or as a muniment of title.
n ru One who registers or records; a registrar; especially, a public officer charged with the duty of recording certain transactions or events.
a register of deeds
n ru A distinct horizontal (or, more rarely, vertical) section of a work of art or inscription that is divided into several such sections
n ru A device that automatically records a quantity.
n ru The part of a telegraphic apparatus that automatically records the message received.
n ru A list of received calls in a phone set.
n ru A small unit of very fast memory that is directly accessible to the central processing unit, and is mostly used to store inputs, outputs or intermediate results of computations.
n ru The exact alignment of lines, margins and colors.
n ru The inner part of the mould in which types are cast.
n ru The range of a voice or instrument.
n ru An organ stop.
n ru A style of a language used in a particular context.
My ex-boss used "let go", in the euphemistic register, when he sacked me.
n ru A grille at the outflow of a ventilation duct, capable of being opened and closed to direct the air flow.
v ru To enter in a register.
v ru To enroll, especially to vote.
v ru To record, especially in writing.
v ru To buy the full version of trial software by providing one's details and payment.
This is a trial version, and will expire in 30 days. Please register!
v ru To express outward signs.
v ru (mail) To record officially and handle specially.
v ru To make or adjust so as to be properly or precisely aligned.
v ru To place one's name, or have one's name placed in a register.
They registered for school.
v ru To make an impression.
v ru To be in proper alignment; to align or correspond exactly.
v ru To voluntarily sign over for safe keeping, abandoning complete ownership for partial.

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