recover — восстанавливать



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n ru Recovery.
n ru A position of holding a firearm during exercises, whereby the lock is at shoulder height and the sling facing out.
n ru The forward movement in rowing, after one stroke to take another (recovery)
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v ru To get back, to regain (a physical thing; in astronomy and navigation, sight of a thing or a signal).
After days of inquiries, he finally recovered his lost wallet.
For days telescopes surveyed the skies to recover the small asteroid.
v ru To salvage, to extricate, to rescue (a thing or person)
They recovered three of the explorers very much alive, then another, wracked with severe hypothermia, who was taken to hospital.
v ru To replenish to, resume (a good state of mind or body).
At the top of the hill I asked to stop for a few minutes to recover my strength.
v ru To obtain a positive judgement; to win in a lawsuit.
The plaintiff recovered in his suit, being awarded declaratory relief and a clearing of his name.
v ru To gain as compensation or reparation, usually by formal legal process
to recover damages in trespass; to recover debt and costs in a legal action or that is owing
to recover land in ejectment or common recovery
v ru To reach (a place), arrive at.
v ru To restore to good health, consciousness, life etc.
v ru To make good by reparation; to make up for; to retrieve; to repair the loss or injury of.
to recover lost time
v ru To get better, to regain health or prosperity
I lost out in the deal, but I quickly recovered financially
I was hurt, but I knew I'd recover, given time.
Without calling in Business Recovery experts, the company saw trade and investor confidence recover sharply in the wake of the crisis.
v ru To regain one's composure, balance etc.
Spinning round, he caught a stone with his ankle, but recovered quickly before turning to face me.
v ru To cover again.
v ru (roofing) To add a new roof membrane or steep-slope covering over an existing one.

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