really — действительно

на самом деле
в самом деле


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adv ru In a way or manner that is real, not unreal.
adv ru (modal) Actually; in fact; in reality.
"He really is a true friend." / "Really? What makes you so sure?"
adv ru (as an intensifier) Very (modifying an adjective); very much (modifying a verb).
But ma, I really, really want to go to the show!
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inter ru Indicating surprise at, or requesting confirmation of, some new information; to express skepticism.
A: He won the Nobel Prize yesterday.
B: Really?
inter ru (sarcastic, typically exaggerated question.) Indicating that what was just said was obvious and unnecessary; contrived incredulity
A: I've just been reading Shakespeare - he's one of the best authors like, ever!
B: Really.
inter ru Indicating affirmation, agreement.
A: That girl talks about herself way too much.
B: Really. She's a nightmare.
inter ru Indicating displeasure at another person's behaviour or statement.
Well, really! How rude.
v ru To bring together again.
v ru To ally anew; to re-form an alliance.

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