rate — скорость



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n ru The worth of something; value.
n ru The proportional relationship between one amount, value etc. and another.
At the height of his powers, he was producing pictures at the rate of four a year.
n ru Speed.
The car was speeding down here at a hell of a rate.
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n ru The relative speed of change or progress.
The rate of production at the factory is skyrocketing.
n ru The price of (an individual) thing; cost.
He asked quite a rate to take me to the airport.
n ru A set price or charge for all examples of a given case, commodity, service etc.
Postal rates here are low.
n ru A wage calculated in relation to a unit of time.
We pay an hourly rate of between $10 – $15 per hour depending on qualifications and experience.
n ru Any of various taxes, especially those levied by a local authority.
I hardly have enough left every month to pay the rates.
n ru A class into which ships were assigned based on condition, size etc.; by extension, rank.
This textbook is first-rate.
n ru Established portion or measure; fixed allowance; ration.
n ru Order; arrangement.
n ru Ratification; approval.
n ru The gain or loss of a timepiece in a unit of time.
daily rate; hourly rate; etc.
v ru To assign or be assigned a particular rank or level.
She is rated fourth in the country.
v ru To evaluate or estimate the value of.
They rate his talents highly.
v ru To consider or regard.
He rated this book brilliant.
v ru To deserve; to be worth.
The view here hardly rates a mention in the travel guide.
v ru To determine the limits of safe functioning for a machine or electrical device.
The transformer is rated at 10 watts.
v ru To evaluate a property's value for the purposes of local taxation.
v ru To like; to think highly of.
The customers don't rate the new burgers.
v ru To have position (in a certain class).
He rates as the best cyclist in the country.
She rates among the most excellent chefs in the world.
v ru To have value or standing.
This last performance of hers didn't rate very high with the judges.
v ru To ratify.
v ru To ascertain the exact rate of the gain or loss of (a chronometer) as compared with true time.
v ru To berate, scold.

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