raise — повышение



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n ru An increase in wages or salary; a rise (UK).
The boss gave me a raise.
n ru A shoulder exercise in which the arms are elevated against resistance.
n ru A shot in which the delivered stone bumps another stone forward.
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n ru A bet that increases the previous bet.
v ru (physical) To cause to rise; to lift or elevate.
to raise your hand if you want to say something; to raise your walking stick to defend yourself
v ru To create, increase or develop.
We need to raise the motivation level in the company.
to raise the quality of the products; to raise the price of goods; to raise taxes
v ru To establish contact with (e.g., by telephone or radio).
Despite all the call congestion, she was eventually able to raise the police.
v ru To respond to a bet by increasing the amount required to continue in the hand.
John bet, and Julie raised, requiring John to put in more money.
v ru To exponentiate, to involute.
Two raised to the fifth power equals 32.
v ru (of a verb) To extract (a subject or other verb argument) out of an inner clause.
v ru (of a vowel) To produce a vowel with the tongue positioned closer to the roof of the mouth.
v ru To increase the nominal value of (a cheque, money order, etc.) by fraudulently changing the writing or printing in which the sum payable is specified.
v ru To throw (an exception).
A division by zero will raise an exception.
n ru A cairn or pile of stones.

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