rain — дождь



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n ru Condensed water falling from a cloud.
The rains came late that year.
We've been having a lot of rain lately.
n ru Any matter moving or falling, usually through air, and especially if liquid or otherwise figuratively identifiable with raindrops.
n ru An instance of particles or larger pieces of matter moving or falling through air.
A rain of mortar fire fell on our trenches.
Еще значения (4)
v ru To have rain fall from the sky.
It will rain today.
v ru To fall as or like rain.
Bombs rained from the sky.
It will rain fire and brimstone at the end of days.
Leaves rained from the tree.
Tears rained from her eyes.
v ru To issue (something) in large quantities.
The boxer rained punches on his opponent's head.
v ru To reign.

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