rail — рельс



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n ru A horizontal bar extending between supports and used for support or as a barrier; a railing.
n ru The metal bar that makes the track for a railroad.
n ru A railroad; a railway, as a means of transportation.
We travelled to the seaside by rail.
a small Scottish village not accessible by rail
Еще значения (13)
n ru A horizontal piece of wood that serves to separate sections of a door or window.
n ru One of the lengthwise edges of a surfboard.
n ru A vertical section on one side of a web page.
We're experimenting with ads in the right-hand rail.
n ru A large line (portion or serving of a powdery illegal drug).
v ru To travel by railway.
v ru To enclose with rails or a railing.
v ru To range in a line.
v ru To criticize severely.
n ru Any of several birds in the family Rallidae.
v ru To complain violently (against, about).
n ru An item of clothing; a cloak or other garment; a dress.
n ru Specifically, a woman's headscarf or neckerchief.
v ru (of a liquid) To gush, flow.

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