proud — гордый



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adj ru Feeling honoured (by something); feeling happy or satisfied about an event or fact; gratified.
I am proud of Sivu’s schoolwork.
adj ru Possessed of a due sense of what one deserves or is worth.
I was too proud to apologise.
adj ru Having too high an opinion of oneself; arrogant, supercilious.
Еще значения (5)
adj ru Generating a sense of pride; being a cause for pride.
It was a proud day when we finally won the championship.
adj ru (Of things) standing upwards as in the manner of a proud person; stately or majestic.
adj ru Standing out or raised; swollen.
After it had healed, the scar tissue stood proud of his flesh.
The weld was still a bit proud of the panel, so she ground it down flush.
adj ru Brave, valiant; gallant.
adj ru Excited by sexual desire; specifically of a female animal: in heat.

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