prompt — быстрый



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n ru A reminder or cue.
n ru A time limit given for payment of an account for produce purchased, this limit varying with different goods.
n ru A sequence of characters that appears on a monitor to indicate that the computer is ready to receive input.
I filled in my name where the prompt appeared on the computer screen but my account wasn't recognized.
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n ru (writing) A suggestion for inspiration given to an author.
v ru To lead (someone) toward what they should say or do.
I prompted him to get a new job.
v ru To show or tell an actor/person the words they should be saying, or actions they should be doing.
If he forgets his words I will prompt him.
v ru To initiate; to cause or lead to.
adj ru Quick; acting without delay.
He was very prompt at getting a new job.
adj ru On time; punctual.
Be prompt for your appointment.
adj ru Ready; willing to act.

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