promote — способствовать



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v ru To raise (someone) to a more important, responsible, or remunerative job or rank.
He promoted his clerk to office manager.
v ru To advocate or urge on behalf of (something or someone); to attempt to popularize or sell by means of advertising or publicity.
They promoted the abolition of daylight saving time.
They promoted the new film with giant billboards.
v ru To encourage, urge or incite.
Еще значения (4)
v ru (usually in passive form) To elevate to a higher league.
At the end of the season, three teams are promoted to the Premier League.
v ru To increase the activity of (a catalyst) by changing its surface structure.
v ru To exchange (a pawn) for a queen or other piece when it reaches the eighth rank.
Having crossed the chessboard, his pawn was promoted to a queen.
v ru To move on to a subsequent stage of education.
At the end of Primary 6 students can promote directly to the secondary section of SIS.

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