project — проект



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n ru A planned endeavor, usually with a specific goal and accomplished in several steps or stages.
n ru (usually in the plural) An urban low-income housing building.
Projects like Pruitt-Igoe were considered irreparably dangerous and demolished.
n ru An idle scheme; an impracticable design.
a man given to projects
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n ru A raw recruit who the team hopes will improve greatly with coaching; a long shot diamond in the rough
n ru A projectile.
n ru A projection.
n ru The place from which a thing projects.
v ru To extend beyond a surface.
v ru To cast (an image or shadow) upon a surface; to throw or cast forward; to shoot forth.
v ru To extend (a protrusion or appendage) outward.
v ru To make plans for; to forecast.
The CEO is projecting the completion of the acquisition by April 2007.
v ru To present (oneself), to convey a certain impression, usually in a good way.
v ru To assume qualities or mindsets in others based on one's own personality.
v ru To change the projection (or coordinate system) of spatial data with another projection.
v ru To draw straight lines from a fixed point through every point of any body or figure, and let these fall upon a surface so as to form the points of a new figure.

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