private — личный

половые органы


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n ru A soldier of the lowest rank in the army.
n ru A doctor working in privately rather than publicly funded health care.
n ru (in the plural) The genitals.
Other definitions (14)
n ru A secret message; a personal unofficial communication.
n ru Personal interest; particular business.
n ru Privacy; retirement.
n ru One not invested with a public office.
n ru (usually in the plural) A private lesson.
If you want to learn ballet, consider taking privates.
adj ru Belonging to, concerning, or accessible only to an individual person or a specific group.
Her address is private; you can't have it.
private papers
adj ru Not accessible by the public.
private property
adj ru Not in governmental office or employment.
He quit public life, living quietly as a private citizen.
adj ru Not publicly known; not open; secret.
The identity of the beneficiaries of the trust is private.
adj ru Protected from view or disturbance by others; secluded.
Can we go somewhere more private?
adj ru Not traded by the public.
private corporation
adj ru Secretive; reserved.
He is a very private person.
adj ru (of a room in a medical facility) Not shared with another patient.
adj ru Accessible only to the class itself or instances of it, and not to other classes or even subclasses.

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