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n ru A device used to apply pressure to an item.
a flower press
n ru A printing machine.
Stop the presses!
n ru (collective) The print-based media (both the people and the newspapers).
This article appeared in the press.
according to a member of the press
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n ru A publisher.
n ru An enclosed storage space (e.g. closet, cupboard).
Put the cups in the press.
Put the ironing in the linen press.
n ru An exercise in which weight is forced away from the body by extension of the arms or legs.
n ru (wagering) An additional bet in a golf match that duplicates an existing (usually losing) wager in value, but begins even at the time of the bet.
He can even the match with a press.
n ru Pure, unfermented grape juice.
I would like some Concord press with my meal tonight.
n ru A commission to force men into public service, particularly into the navy.
n ru A crowd.
v ru To exert weight or force against, to act upon with force or weight; to exert pressure upon.
v ru To activate a button or key by exerting a downward or forward force on it, and then releasing it.
v ru To compress, squeeze.
to press fruit for the purpose of extracting the juice
v ru To clasp, hold in an embrace.
v ru To reduce to a particular shape or form by pressure, especially flatten or smooth.
to press a hat
to press cloth with an iron
v ru To flatten a selected area of fabric using an iron with an up-and-down, not sliding, motion, so as to avoid disturbing adjacent areas.
v ru To drive or thrust by pressure, to force in a certain direction.
to press a crowd back
v ru To weigh upon, oppress, trouble.
v ru To force to a certain end or result; to urge strongly.
v ru To try to force (something upon someone).
to press the Bible on an audience
v ru To hasten, urge onward.
to press a horse in a race
v ru To urge, beseech, entreat.
v ru To lay stress upon.
v ru To throng, crowd.
v ru To print.
v ru To force into service, particularly into naval service.

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