pool — бассейн

плавательный бассейн
объединять в общий фонд


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n ru A small and rather deep collection of (usually) fresh water, as one supplied by a spring, or occurring in the course of a stream; a reservoir for water.
the pools of Solomon
n ru A small body of standing or stagnant water; a puddle.
n ru A supply of resources.
There is a limited pool of candidates from which to choose the new manager.
dating pool
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n ru (by extension) A set of resources that are kept ready to use.
n ru A small amount of liquid on a surface.
a pool of blood
n ru A localized glow of light.
v ru (of a liquid) To form a pool.
n ru A pool of water used for swimming, usually one which has been artificially constructed.
n ru (game) A game at billiards, in which each of the players stakes a certain sum, the winner taking the whole; also, in public billiard rooms, a game in which the loser pays the entrance fee for all who engage in the game.
n ru A cue sport played on a pool table. There are 15 balls, 7 of one colour, 7 of another, and the black ball (also called the 8 ball). A player must pocket all their own colour balls and then the black ball in order to win.
n ru In rifle shooting, a contest in which each competitor pays a certain sum for every shot he makes, the net proceeds being divided among the winners.
n ru Any gambling or commercial venture in which several persons join.
n ru The stake played for in certain games of cards, billiards, etc.; an aggregated stake to which each player has contributed a share; also, the receptacle for the stakes.
n ru A combination of persons contributing money to be used for the purpose of increasing or depressing the market price of stocks, grain, or other commodities; also, the aggregate of the sums so contributed.
He put $10,000 into the pool.
The pool took all the wheat offered below the limit.
n ru A set of players in quadrille etc.
n ru A mutual arrangement between competing lines, by which the receipts of all are aggregated, and then distributed pro rata according to agreement.
n ru An aggregation of properties or rights, belonging to different people in a community, in a common fund, to be charged with common liabilities.
v ru To put together; contribute to a common fund, on the basis of a mutual division of profits or losses; to make a common interest of.
We must pool our resources.
v ru To combine or contribute with others, as for a commercial, speculative, or gambling transaction.

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