poll — голосование

список избирателей
проводить голосование


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n ru A survey of people, usually statistically analyzed to gauge wider public opinion.
n ru A formal election.
The student council had a poll to see what people want served in the cafeteria.
n ru A polling place (usually as plural, polling places)
The polls close at 8 p.m.
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n ru (now rare outside veterinary medicine contexts) The head, particularly the scalp or pate upon which hair (normally) grows.
n ru (in extended senses of the above) A mass of people, a mob or muster, considered as a head count.
n ru The broad or butt end of an axe or a hammer.
n ru The pollard or European chub, a kind of fish.
v ru To take, record the votes of (an electorate).
v ru To solicit mock votes from (a person or group).
v ru To vote at an election.
v ru To register or deposit, as a vote; to elicit or call forth, as votes or voters.
He polled a hundred votes more than his opponent.
v ru To cut off; to remove by clipping, shearing, etc.; to mow or crop.
to poll the hair; to poll wool; to poll grass
v ru To cut the hair of (a creature).
v ru To remove the horns of (an animal).
v ru To remove the top or end of; to clip; to lop.
to poll a tree
v ru (communication) To (repeatedly) request the status of something (such as a computer or printer on a network).
The network hub polled the department's computers to determine which ones could still respond.
v ru (with adverb) To be judged in a poll.
v ru To extort from; to plunder; to strip.
v ru To impose a tax upon.
v ru To pay as one's personal tax.
v ru To enter, as polls or persons, in a list or register; to enroll, especially for purposes of taxation; to enumerate one by one.
v ru To cut or shave smooth or even; to cut in a straight line without indentation.
a polled deed
adj ru (of kinds of livestock which typically have horns) Bred without horns, and thus hornless.
Poll Hereford
Red Poll cows
n ru A pet parrot.
n ru (Cambridge University) One who does not try for honors at university, but is content to take a degree merely; a passman.

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