please — радовать

доставлять удовольствие


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v ru To make happy or satisfy; to give pleasure to.
Her presentation pleased the executives.
I'm pleased to see you've been behaving yourself.
Our new range of organic foods is sure to please.
v ru To desire; to will; to be pleased by.
Just do as you please.
adv ru Used to make a polite request.
Could you tell me the time, please?
May I take your order, please?
Please, pass the bread.
Would you please sign this form?
Еще значения (3)
adv ru Used as an affirmative to an offer.
—May I help you? —Please.
adv ru An expression of annoyance or impatience.
Oh, please, do we have to hear that again?
adv ru (Cincinnati) Said as a request to repeat information.

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