pink — розовый

розовый цвет


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n ru The common minnow, Phoxinus phoxinus.
n ru A young Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, before it becomes a smolt; a parr.
n ru A narrow boat.
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n ru A stab.
v ru To decorate a piece of clothing or fabric by adding holes or by scalloping the fringe.
v ru To prick with a sword.
v ru To wound by irony, criticism, or ridicule.
v ru To choose; to cull; to pick out.
n ru Any of various flowers in the genus Dianthus, sometimes called carnations.
This garden in particular has a beautiful bed of pinks.
n ru A perfect example; excellence, perfection; the embodiment of some quality.
Your hat, madam, is the very pink of fashion.
n ru The colour of this flower, between red and white; pale red.
My new dress is a wonderful shade of pink.
n ru Hunting pink; scarlet, as worn by hunters.
n ru One of the colour balls used in snooker, with a value of 6 points.
Oh dear, he's left himself snookered behind the pink.
n ru An unlettered and uncultured, but relatively prosperous, member of the middle classes; compare Babbitt, bourgeoisie.
n ru The vagina or vulva.
v ru To become pink in color, to redden.
v ru To turn (something) pink.
v ru To turn (a topaz or other gemstone) pink by the application of heat.
adj ru Having a colour between red and white; pale red.
adj ru Of a fox-hunter's jacket: scarlet.
adj ru Having conjunctivitis.
adj ru By comparison to red (communist), describing someone who sympathizes with the ideals of communism without actually being a Russian-style communist: a pinko.
adj ru Relating to women or girls.
pink job
adj ru Relating to homosexuals as a group within society.
pink dollar
pink triangle
the pink economy
n ru A socialist who is not wholly communist.
v ru Of a motor car, to emit a high "pinking" noise, usually as a result of ill-set ignition timing for the fuel used (in a spark ignition engine).
v ru Of a musical instrument, to sound a very high-pitched, short note.
v ru To wink; to blink.
adj ru Half-shut; winking.
n ru Any of various lake pigments or dyes in yellow, yellowish green, or brown shades made with plant coloring and a metallic oxide base.

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