phenomenon — явление

необыкновенное явление
объект чувственного восприятия


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n ru A thing or being, event or process, perceptible through senses; or a fact or occurrence thereof.
n ru (by extension) A knowable thing or event (eg by inference, especially in science)
An electromagnetic phenomenon.
n ru A kind or type of phenomenon (sense 1 or 2)
A volcanic eruption is an impressive phenomenon.
Еще значения (4)
n ru Appearance; a perceptible aspect of something that is mutable.
n ru A fact or event considered very unusual, curious, or astonishing by those who witness it.
n ru A wonderful or very remarkable person or thing.
n ru (chiefly Kantian idealism) An experienced object whose constitution reflects the order and conceptual structure imposed upon it by the human mind (especially by the powers of perception and understanding).

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