personal — личный

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n ru An advertisement by which individuals attempt to meet others with similar interests.
n ru A movable; a chattel.
adj ru Pertaining to human beings as distinct from things.
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adj ru Of or pertaining to a particular person; relating to, or affecting, an individual, or each of many individuals; peculiar or proper to private concerns; not public or general
Her song was her personal look at the values of friendship.
You can't read my diary - it is personal.
personal question;   personal desire
adj ru Pertaining to the external or bodily appearance; corporeal.
personal charms
adj ru Done in person; without the intervention of another.
a personal interview;  personal settings
adj ru Relating to an individual, their character, conduct, motives, or private affairs, in an invidious and offensive manner
personal reflections or remarks
adj ru (grammar) Denoting a person.
a personal pronoun

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