period — период

промежуток времени


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n ru A length of time.
There was a period of confusion following the announcement.
You'll be on probation for a six-month period.
n ru A period of time in history seen as a single coherent entity; an epoch, era.
Food rationing continued in the post-war period.
n ru The punctuation mark “.” (indicating the ending of a sentence or marking an abbreviation).
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n ru The length of time during which the same characteristics of a periodic phenomenon recur, such as the repetition of a wave or the rotation of a planet.
n ru Female menstruation.
When she is on her period, she prefers not to go swimming.
n ru A section of an artist's, writer's (etc.) career distinguished by a given quality, preoccupation etc.
This is one of the last paintings Picasso created during his Blue Period.
n ru Each of the divisions into which a school day is split, allocated to a given subject or activity.
I have math class in second period.
n ru Each of the intervals into which various sporting events are divided.
Gretzky scored in the last minute of the second period.
n ru The length of time for a disease to run its course.
n ru An end or conclusion; the final point of a process etc.
n ru A complete sentence, especially one expressing a single thought or making a balanced, rhythmic whole.
n ru A specific moment during a given process; a point, a stage.
n ru A row in the periodic table of the elements.
n ru A subdivision of an era, typically lasting from tens to hundreds of millions of years, see Appendix: Geologic timescale.
n ru A Drosophila gene, the gene product of which is involved in regulation of the circadian rhythm.
n ru Two phrases (an antecedent and a consequent phrase).
n ru The length of an interval over which a periodic function, periodic sequence or repeating decimal repeats; often the least such length.
n ru End point, conclusion.
v ru To come to a period; to conclude.
v ru To put an end to.
adj ru Designating anything from a given historical era.
a period TV commercial
a period car
adj ru Evoking, or appropriate for, a particular historical period, especially through the use of elaborate costumes and scenery.
inter ru That's final; that's the end of the matter (analogous to a period ending a sentence); end of story
I know you don't want to go to the dentist but your teeth need to be checked, period!

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