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n ru (grammar) The perfect tense, or a form in that tense.
n ru A perfect score; the achievement of finishing a stage or task with no mistakes.
adj ru Fitting its definition precisely.
a perfect circle
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adj ru Having all of its parts in harmony with a common purpose.
That bucket with the hole in the bottom is a poor bucket, but it is perfect for watering plants.
adj ru Without fault or mistake; thoroughly skilled or talented.
Practice makes perfect.
adj ru Excellent and delightful in all respects.
a perfect day
adj ru Of a number: equal to the sum of its proper divisors.
6 is perfect because the sum of its proper divisors, 1, 2, and 3, which is 6, is equal to the number itself.
adj ru (grammar, of a tense or verb form) Representing a completed action.
adj ru Sexually mature and fully differentiated.
adj ru Of flowers, having both male parts (stamens) and female parts (carpels).
adj ru Of a set: equal to its set of limit points, i.e. set A is perfect if A=A'.
adj ru Describing an interval or any compound interval of a unison, octave, or fourths and fifths that are not tritones.
adj ru (of a cocktail) Made with equal parts of sweet and dry vermouth.
a perfect Manhattan; a perfect Rob Roy
adj ru Well informed; certain; sure.
adj ru Innocent, guiltless.
v ru To make perfect; to improve or hone.
I am going to perfect this article.
You spend too much time trying to perfect your dancing.
v ru To take an action, usually the filing of a document in the correct venue, that secures a legal right.
perfect an appeal; perfect an interest; perfect a judgment

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