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n ru A means of exit, escape, reprieve, etc.
They wrote the law to give those organizations an out.
n ru A state in which a member of the batting team is removed from play due to the application of various rules of the game such as striking out, hitting a fly ball which is caught by the fielding team before bouncing, etc.
n ru A dismissal; a state in which a member of the batting team finishes his turn at bat, due to the application of various rules of the game, such as the bowler knocking over the batsman's wicket with the ball.
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n ru A card which can make a hand a winner.
n ru A trip out; an outing.
n ru (chiefly in the plural) One who, or that which, is out; especially, one who is out of office.
n ru A place or space outside of something; a nook or corner; an angle projecting outward; an open space.
n ru A word or words omitted by the compositor in setting up copy; an omission.
v ru To eject; to expel.
v ru To reveal (a person) as LGBT+ (gay, trans, etc).
v ru To reveal (a person or organization) as having a certain secret, such as a being a secret agent or undercover detective.
v ru To reveal (a secret).
A Brazilian company outed the new mobile phone design.
v ru To come or go out; to get out or away; to become public or apparent.
adj ru Not at home; not at one's office or place of employment.
I'm sorry, Mr Smith is out at the moment.
adj ru Not inside or within something.
I worked away cleaning the U-bend until all the gunge was out.
adj ru Freed from confinement or secrecy.
My secret is out.
Sentenced to five years, he could be out in three with good behavior.
adj ru Not fitted or inserted into something.
The TV won't work with the plug out!
adj ru Of the ball or other playing implement, falling or passing outside the bounds of the playing area.
I thought the ball hit the line, but the umpire said it was out.
adj ru Released, available for purchase, download or other use.
Did you hear? Their newest CD is out!
adj ru (in various games; used especially of a batsman or batter in cricket or baseball) Dismissed from play under the rules of the game.
He bowls, Johnson pokes at it ... and ... Johnson is out! Caught behind by Ponsonby!
adj ru Openly acknowledging that one is LGBT+ (gay, trans, etc).
It's no big deal to be out in the entertainment business.
adj ru (by extension) Open, public; public about or openly acknowledging some (usually specified) identity.
adj ru (of flowers) In bloom.
The garden looks beautiful now that the roses are out.
adj ru (of the sun, moon or stars) Visible in the sky; not obscured by clouds.
The sun is out, and it's a lovely day.
adj ru (of lamps, fires etc.) Not shining or burning.
I called round to the house but all the lights were out and no one was home.
adj ru (of ideas, plans, etc.) Discarded; no longer a possibility.
Right, so that idea's out. Let's move on to the next one.
adj ru (of certain services, devices, or facilities) Not available; out of service.
My wi-fi is out.
Power is out in the entire city.
adj ru (of a user of a service) Not having availability of a service, as power or communications.
Most of the city got service back yesterday, but my neighborhood is still out.
adj ru (of an organization, etc.) Temporarily not in operation, or not being attended as usual.
when school gets out for today, when college is out for the summer
adj ru Of the tide, at or near its lowest level.
You can walk to the island when the tide's out.
adj ru No longer popular or in fashion.
Black is out this season. The new black is white.
adj ru Without; no longer in possession of; not having more
Do you have any bread? Sorry, we're out.
adj ru (of calculations or measurements) Containing errors or discrepancies; in error by a stated amount.
Nothing adds up in this report. All these figures are out.
The measurement was out by three millimetres.
adj ru Of a young lady: having entered society and available to be courted.
adv ru Away from the inside, centre or other point of reference.
For six hours the tide flows out, then for six hours it flows in.
Once they had landed, the commandos quickly spread out along the beach.
The magician tapped the hat, and a rabbit jumped out.
adv ru Away from home or one's usual place.
Let's eat out tonight
adv ru Outside; not indoors.
Last night we slept out under the stars.
adv ru Away from; at a distance.
Keep out!
adv ru Into a state of non-operation; into non-existence.
I painted out that nasty mark on the wall.
Put the fire out.
Switch the lights out.
adv ru To the end; completely.
I haven't finished. Hear me out.
adv ru Used to intensify or emphasize.
The place was all decked out for the holidays.
adv ru (of the sun, moon, stars, etc.) So as to be visible in the sky, and not covered by clouds, fog, etc.
The sun came out after the rain, and we saw a rainbow.
adv ru Of a player, so as to be disqualified from playing further by some action of a member of the opposing team (such as being stumped in cricket).
Wilson was bowled out for five runs.
prep ru From from the inside to the outside of; out of.
inter ru (procedure word) A radio procedure word meaning that the station is finished with its transmission and does not expect a response.
Destruction. Two T-72s destroyed. Three foot mobiles down. Out.
inter ru Get out; begone; away!

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